Panhellenic Show-Jumping Championship 2016

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Makarona, Vardinogiannis, Antoniou and Pitsikou became the Panhellenic 2016 Champions.

With a beautiful Christmas atmosphere the 69th Panhellenic Championship 2016 concluded yesterday evening in the indoor arena of the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Markopoulo.

The Panhellenic Show-Jumping Championship was honored by the presence of Mr. Ser Miang NG, Vice President and member of the Executive Board of the IOC and Mr. Gordon Tang, member and sponsor of the IOC and the IOA and awarded the Children’s Class category and was accompanied by the President of the EOI, Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos.

In the Senior Class Category, Nikolina Makarona (IOVOP) with Arc de Triomphe won the 1st place with very good appearance and double clear rounds. While the 2nd place was Jan Gurov of AIOAT with So Limit (withdrawn from the jump-off) and the 3rd place was Kriton ZAFIROPOULOS of IOMS with Dicaprio with 4 points faults from two rounds.

The only rider with double clear round in Young Rider Category is Andreas Vardinogiannis with Zjohn of IAOF. In second place with 4 points faults was George Amoutzas with Eliah and 3rd place Antigoni Tsafara with Interpid Leonardo with 28 points faults.

In the Juniors category Antonis Antoniou with Loon Illusion winning the jump-off match with Selini Popp and Saigon. The two riders tied for 1st place after both rounds with 4 points. The athlete of IOKOUV had 6 points faults in the jump-off and the Amazon rider of IOVOP had 8 points faults. In 3rd place was Joanna Tsochas with Calido S finishing with 6 points faults from the 1st round.

In Children Category Artemis Pitsikou with Marisa took the 1st place after winning the jump-off with Stavros Theofanopoulos with Taquine du Vivier. The two riders tied for 1st place with 0 points after two rounds. The of amazon IOM had 4 points in the barrage and the athlete of the EIO 8. In 3rd place was Athos Triglianos with Varien from IKEM with 4 points from the first round.

In the Category of Amazons, 7 riders tied having 0 faults for the two rounds and has to compete for the jump-off. Paola Martini with Cobbydor win the 1st place With the fastest time of 36.87 seconds in the jump-off. 2nd place became Helen Ainatzoglou with D’Artagnan of IOTHRAK with clear round and time 37.12 seconds and 3rd place was Eirini Spanou with Per on from Rhodes also a clear round and time 38.76 seconds.

10 riders took part in the jump-off match of Yound Horses Class, who tied for 1st place with double clear rounds. 1st place winner is Katerina Doubodel with Fleur. The fastest in time 29.02. In second place was Ioannis Skandalis with Chudodeen with clear round and time 29.72 in the 3rd Stavros Georgopoulos with Casper also clear round and time 31.31.

Finally, yesterday’s Class D 1.15m. second time winner of the weekends’ competition was Christina Sachinoglou with Carosa with clear round and time 53.69. In second place was Loukas Papadopoulos with Lux with a time of 56.80 and third place Margarita Dendrinou the Last Chance to time 60.22.