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Toscana Tour 2016


An amazing two week competition in Arezzo Equestrian Centre in Arezzo, Italy for all the Greek Riders from children class to senior class. Parents, children, friends and fellow riders has combined vacation with the intensity of the competition.

Approximately 30 greek riders and around 80 horses from different Clubs has joined together to represent Greece in Toscana Tour 2016. You will see how everyone supported each other physically, mentally and emotionally in and out of the arena. It only proves that we Greeks will always work as one with the smile on the face no matter how hard the challenges comes their way. They also honoured us by dedicating us  two of their prize giving ceremony in which our very own Grace Antoniou has given the prize to two Greek Riders in the same arena. One of them is our only Junior Class rider, Antonios Antoniou and another Junior Rider from different club and a very close friend of us Konstantinos Papathanasiou.

A huge thank you to  Arezzo Equestrian Centre’s staff and organiser in which is lead by Mr. Carlo Bernardini and his daughter Chiara Bernardini president of Arezzo Equestrian Centre has been very hospitable and welcomed us all as one of their own. They have showed us how warm and happy they are having us all Greek Riders in their place.

We are very grateful of the results in general and made an unforgettable moments this year’s tour.


2nd Week 25 March 2016, Friday

FEI Art.274.5.3 1.20m

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Berlin) – 5th/97 = 0 penalties 23.28 sec

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Erna) – 6th/97 = 0 penalties 24.29 sec

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 10th/97 = 0 penalties 25.15 sec

FEI Art.238.2.1  1.30m

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – 44th/67 = 4 penalties 73.44 sec

2nd Week 26 March 2016, Saturday

FEI Art.238.2.1  1.25m

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 37th/77 = 4 penalties 58.84 sec

FEI Art.274.5.3  1.30m

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – 54th/89 = 4 penalties 42.34 sec

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Berlin) – 56th/89 = 4 penalties 42.92 sec

2nd Week 26 March 2016, Saturday

FEI Art.269.5.215  1.25m with accumulator competition joker 1.35m (Grass Arena-Boccaccio)

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 27th/77 = 25 points 58.59 sec

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Erna) – 11th/66 =65 points 72.10 sec

FEI Art.238.2.2  1.30m

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – 11th/84 = 0 penalties 40.29 sec

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Berlin) – 12th/84 = 0 penalties 40.83 sec

3rd Week 1 April 2016, Friday

FEI Art.274.5.3 1.20m (Grass Arena-Boccaccio)

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 4th/73 = 0 penalties 27.54 sec

FEI Art.238.2.1 1.30m 

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Berlin) – 6th/50 = 0 penalties 60.06 sec

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – 7th/50 = 0 penalties 60.26 sec

3rd Week 2 April 2016, Saturday

FEI Art.238.2.1 1.25m 

Karolina Vogdanou (Ascot MS) – 22nd/    = 0 penalties 73.85 sec

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 34th/73 = 4 penalties 64.22 sec

FEI Art.274.5.3  1.30m 

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – retired

3rd Week 3 April 2016, Sunday

FEI Art.238.2.2 1.30m

Yiannis Skandalis (Charlotte) – 21st/64 =4 penalties 80.49 sec

Antonios Antoniou (Loon Illusion) – 37th/64 = 8 penalties 81.69 sec

FEI Art.269.5  1.25m with accumulator competition joker 1.35m (Grass Arena-Boccaccio)

Aikaterini Laskaridis (Erna) – 11th/66 = 37 points 59.89 sec

Antonios Antoniou (Pommery) – 54th/73 = 12 points 56.10 sec